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Palm Reader

The latest September 2019 edition of the Palm Reader produced by Marie Leonard is now available.

Read the latest issue.

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Winter Leagues schedules

The winter league schedules for the 2019/20 season are now available for downloading.

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Avoid oily substances on our carpet

We (with members funds) have spent a lot of money replacing the carpet. Already someone has allowed oily substances to contaminate the surface.

Please be aware that oil based chalk or marker comes off the bowls and makes marks on the carpet which are difficult to cleanly remove, even if they are spotted quickly. These substances will attract dirt and eventually change the nature of the carpet surface and affect bowling. Please check your markers and make sure they do not contain any oil. If in doubt, don't use.

Also some bowlers have been using glycerine whilst on the green. Glycerine (with or without Rosewater) must only be applied to your hands away from the carpet. Do it in the changing room or preferably the toilet, where any spills will not cause contamination to the carpet.

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Relaying Of The Bowls Surface

Here are some photos taken by Bryan Halsey

Below is a short time lapse video of the whole process from start to finish