This week's games were between Eastleigh Red Devils verses Banister Gold and Prieire De Sion verses Lee on the Solent.

Eastleigh proved to strong against Banister running out comfortable winners.

Eastleigh's first rink skipped by Derrick Walker, were ahead from start to finish against Banister, skipped by Mark Barnes. It was Eastleigh who won 29 - 11.

On the second rink Eastleigh, skipped by Mike Barrett and Banister, skipped by Pete Lebbern started very well for Banister who were up 10 - 2 after eight ends, but then did not score again, allowing Eastleigh to dominate, finishing winners 24 - 10.

On the third rink Eastleigh, skipped by Robby Bines and Banister, skipped by Doreen Harris, it was Banister who were under the cosh from the start, and despite a run of shots in the middle of the game, lost out to Eastleigh who won 21 - 9.

The final result was Eastleigh Red Devils 74 shots (12 points) - Banister Gold 30 shots (0 points)

The game between Prieire De Sion and Lee on the Solent, it was close for two-thirds of the game, but disaster for Lee at the finish.

On the first rink Lee, skipped by Pete Gentry were up against Prieire De Sion, skipped by Mike Elliott, 13 - 9 after eleven ends, to then not score again, and at the eighteenth and final end it was Prieire De Sion who won 22 - 13.

On the second rink Prieire De Sion, skipped by Adrian Snook and Lee, skipped by Martin Ellis it was Prieire De Sion leading from the start and despite a flurry from Lee at the finish it was Prieire De Sion who won 16 - 11.

On the third rink Prieire De Sion, skipped by Roly Bloy and Lee, skipped by Dave Heather, the game started close 3 -3 after six ends and again 11 -11 after twelve ends, but it was Prieire De Sion who grabbed the last third to win 19 - 14.

The final result was Prieire De Sion 57 shots (12 points) - Lee on the Solent 38 shots (0 points)

Brian Knight
Competition Secretary

Palmerston Cup at 11 November 2018

League A Played Matches Rinks Shots Points
W D L W D L For Agn Diff
Prieire de Sion2200501112842822
Eastleigh Red Devils2101411122824015
Fareham Green110030079334612
Lee on the Solent210111490105-159
Banister Gold210110578118-408
Milton Park10012014448-44
Fareham Blue200210579134-552

League B Played Matches Rinks Shots Points
W D L W D L For Agn Diff
Meon Valley A2200402139845520
Banister Blue110030062402212
Lockswood A11002015145610
Meon Valley B10011024551-62
Bridgemary Select10010034062-220
Lockswood B10010033277-450

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About the Palmerston Cup

This competition, now in its eighth year, is run during the winter season at Palmerston Indoor Bowls Club, Fareham. This is an Open competition for outdoor bowling clubs to compete against each other on the indoor carpet and is a means of keeping in touch with members when their club is closed.

The competition, which is sponsored again this year by 2020 Vision Opticians, is played on Sunday evenings at Palmerston Indoor Bowls club, with games starting at 6.30pm. Each team requires a minimum of nine players as each match consists of three rinks of triples. Most teams have a squad of more than nine players who are used on a rotational basis, and being an Open competition, the teams can be all of the same gender or mixed. In the initial stages it is envisaged that teams will compete in mini leagues, playing the other teams in that league just once. This means there will be weeks when your team would have stand downs when the other leagues are playing, so you do not have to turn out every Sunday. The scoring system is two points for each winning rink and a further six points for the team with the overall winning score (twelve points are available for each game). The top four teams in each league progress through to the quarter finals and then the competition is completed on a knockout basis.

Prize money will mean the winning team receiving £250 down to £100 for the fourth placed team. The losing quarter-finalists get their entrance fee refunded.

Brian Knight
Competition Secretary

The full OFFICIAL RULES may be downloaded here.

The results and schedule are updated automatically after the competition operator enters the scores.